Sunday, June 6, 2010

Living Colour @ Central Park SummerStage 6/5/10

It was a bit of a rough day for me but I ventured out to Central Park (first time in a while... I really need to go there more often!) to catch Living Colour play for the SummerStage free show. I was expecting to see hordes of people and not be able to truly experience the flavor that is Vernon Reid and the boys; to my surprise, there were just enough people to be a huge crowd but not so many that I couldn't get close to the stage. I took some pictures and some video of solos and whatnot that I'll post on the blog soon.

Although just being in the environment was amazing, I was absolutely stunned at the quality of Vernon Reid's guitar skills. Guitar Hero 3 fans -- all that crazy mess in the solo of the newly recorded Cult of Personality is but a figment of your imagination until you see him play it in person. That and the other songs that were performed - admittedly, I know nothing of their catalog but am starting to play catch-up as I write this - were really pleasing to the ear. The music was sometimes fast, sometimes groovy, sometimes really low and heavy. The variety really inspired me to continue what I've been doing as of late; some of the new riffs I've been working on have departed from the old derivative metal formula.

UPDATE: Pictures and video are now available!

Living Colour Central Park 6-5-10