Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life, as it is, is good

Working 13 days straight can be a nightmare if you do it once. If you're like me and have to do it until January, it's like the dream never ends. This would be the reason why I haven't made an update. The job isn't so bad - essentially I watch television shows to ensure good audio/video quality - so I can handle it. The sleeping isn't so regular since I'm working overnights and still want to have a regular life. Now on to the good stuff!

  • The band has a new drummer and we're working hard to get two singles out by the end of the year.

  • Death Magnetic is absolutely awesome. I tip my hat to Metallica and Rick Rubin for coming out with their hottest metal album in 12 years!

  • I'm all set to see Yngwie Malmsteen in October, Dragonforce in November and Metallica in January!

  • At the time of this writing, the NY Jets are owning the Arizona Cardinals (4 mins left in the 3rd Quarter) and are reaffirming my hope that Brett Favre will get the team somewhere this year. Unfortunately, the Cards are rallying in a comeback attempt that I believe will fail (score is now 34-15 Jets)

I'm going to be writing some more solos in the coming weeks and will have some video to present very soon; provided that I have enough energy, that is.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Memory of the Events that Occurred on September 11, 2001

Real fact: I could have been there when the towers were struck.

I used to work at 43 Park Place, a small building near the 2 and 3 train station of the same street name. It was located adjacent to a bar and a bit further down was Burlington Coat Factory. The World Trade Center was about three blocks away, give or take a street or two. I worked in web programming for a fashion news web site. Being that I was a college student, I didn't have to work every day; things revolved around my school schedule, naturally. This day, though, I was previously scheduled to come into work.

I'm not sure as to whether I was supposed to come in but called out or was told that I could work from home that day, but one of those reasons put me home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn instead of on the streets of lower Manhattan. I recall receiving a phone call shortly after the first tower hit from my mother, worried that I might have been there. I quickly turned on the television to see the second tower's impact and from there the story has been set in history.

This event did affect me like it affected many hard-working citizens of New York City and beyond who survived this tragedy. Thousands were without work and income while having to provide for themselves or loved ones. I managed to receive some aid from the Red Cross after a long, cold and lonely winter's night wait at a Chelsea pier to be one of the first in line. Things certainly have permanently changed for me as a result of this event and has for countless other people. My heart goes out to those who have lost and have suffered as a result of reckless and selfish individuals.

Many months later, I (and my singer, Tyrone) wrote a (heavy metal) song about our abstract feelings related to the event. It's called Diary of Disaster and for your ears only I will share our collective efforts with you. Special thanks go to the bass player of my old band, Rene, who laid down the bass line in this recording.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Only because not everyone has seen it...

Here's a somewhat older (about a year older) video of me playing something that some consider pretty hard. This would be the fast solo near the end of Metallica's One, played excellently by a young Kirk Hammett. It's a tough solo to nail and I would say I did 98% well. I used to do this so much better when I was 18... /cries

Enjoy! Leave comments, dammit!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cyanide + Day That Never Comes video

I was really feeling this newly released "Taste of Death" from Metallica today. It's got a hot groove to it. I can definitely see this song competing with the latest from Mustaine & Co. The solo is nice and long; very bluesy with a great harmony line at the end. I could probably play it (lol) but that doesn't mean that it's not good.

Also on the Metallica site is their music video (or short film, as they say) for the song The Day That Never Comes. The point of the video slightly escapes me - it seemed to revolve around war in the middle east but the first half focused on a hardship and the second (I think?) focused on perceptions between soldiers and civilians. I like the quality of the presentation and the song definitely rocks for me now. The actual point though... confusing!