Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Footage from Practice days 1 and 2

Feast your eyes and ears on the first and worst days of my advanced guitar skill training! This first video includes excerpts from my sweeping exercises that I learned from Rock Discipline (refer to post below for name-droppage). The actual notes played are chromatic in nature, meaning that the notes are theoretically right next to each other. Since I'm moving across the strings, I'm not playing notes that are exactly next to each other. It makes for a very boring sounding exercise, but it's always good to see where you came from. I can't wait to make this sound wild and crazy! I hope it doesn't take too long.

The next video is of an exercise also from Rock Discipline. It is a left-hand speed and accuracy exercise based on the fourth inversion of the A major scale. The lesson involves slowly fitting the notes into the spaces of the metronome as eighth notes (two per click), then moving to eighth note triplets (three per click) and sixteenth notes (four per click) which I do in the video. I started slowly, of course, and hope to dazzle by playing 16th notes as fast as 180 BPM. John Petrucci does them in 208 BPM in his video and it's absolutely mind blowing!


MrCHUPON said...

Man plays with instrument in his underwear and posts video on internet. News story at 11.

The AnTiPoDe said...

It's not underwear! Those are gym shorts!

PAJ said...

Awesome stuff. I bought my first electric guitar yesterday, and after practising on an acoustic for about four months, it feels a bit weird :P Still, very happy with it.

Blair said...

Good stuff. I took a class for the last couple of months, and really dug it.

What kind of Stratocaster is that? I have a cheapy Squire model that I got with some kit. It's ok...not that I'd really know.

The AnTiPoDe said...

It's a cheapy Squier model that I got before they had kits. It used to have a rosewood (dark colored) fretboard.

I broke the neck trying to be a guitar tech and had to buy a whole new neck... Turned out to be more expensive than another cheap guitar but the neck was really good! Besides... it was my first guitar!