Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me vs. The Guitar Hero Fully Loaded Box Meal

Last night (actually Tuesday morning), after not eating anything the entire day I decided to grab some grub from KFC. Remembering the blog on Kotaku about the Guitar Hero meal, I decided to give it a whirl. As you can see, it's rated T for Teen. A healthy teen boy could certain make short work out of the meal which includes two original recipe strips, one dark meat piece (I received a Thigh), one KFC snacker (which is essentially half a strip with mayo and shredded lettuce on a teeny bun), a biscuit, two sides and a large soda. I have read that this box meal is "a lot of food" and from someone who eats quite a bit, I can somewhat agree.

Ready, set, GO!

Mind you, I ate nothing for probably 18 hours before eating this meal. My two sides were mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese - not too filling if I may say so myself but it's got some weight to it. My drink of choice was Dr Pepper, but I like a good Dew any time. I got about this far into the meal before finally calling it quits.

That's half a biscuit, half a strip, snacker bread and half of the mac and cheese. All very, very cold. Makes me a little sick just looking at this pic now (lol). I'm no fan of original recipe and I think I would have cleaned up if it were extra-crispy. I also didn't feel much like a guitar hero before, during or after the feast.

What do I rate this box meal? A hearty 7/10. I wish I had vegetables with this, but KFC isn't really known for its greens, yellows and reds. They were out of vegs that night, so maybe them greens are quite popular? Anyhow, would I buy this again? Sure, but I just wish they had it in extra crispy. Does this make me want to buy Guitar Hero World Tour? Nahh.


MrCHUPON said...

*feels his arteries crying* I'd buy GHWT before I bought this. But then, I'm a Popeye's man. Or rather, I was, before I started this eating lean craze (which I summarily broke off from for a brief hour today... so ashamed).

Aaghaaz Madan said...

It's way easy to see the reasoning behind this meal. When it was cooked in China three years ago (not only are the Chinese really smart, but also deadly preemptive), Jung-Li-Wobbafet-Solo, the head chef, intentionally, and with great elegance, derided the meal of good taste and replaced it with a short, orgasmic burst of "yum".

By the time this almost involuntary feeling dissipates, the remaining food, if analyzed thoroughly, can be proclaimed a masterpiece in the emerging, deep-fried-oragami artform. If you're a bashful, confident boy, the chicken strip will represent to you an entire guitar, but if you're a humble, realistic man, it will appear to be only a string. The half-biscuit may represent the beautiful half-moon, which comes after the bothersome and obnoxious sun, just as sexy GHWT comes after loud and lingering RB2.

Think about it.