Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recording the new Rocafuerte Album, Day 2

March 13, 2010 - braving one of the "worst" rainstorms in history, I hit the studio to record more of my guitar parts for the album. More rhythms are laid down; 7 of the 9 songs are pretty much done with rhythm guitars. I am finding it much easier than ever, thanks to our excellent recording engineer, Gerardo. I feel very comfortable and able to truly rock out with very few mistakes. Some of the tougher parts took a bit of time, but thankfully there weren't so many of those. I started out with the harder edge songs since they needed fewer guitars recorded; I ended with Inyectame, which involved a whopping 12 guitar parts! A lot of progress has been made, and I will be returning this coming Saturday to do our ballad, Dame Otra Oportunidad, clean up some of the lesser desired parts and begin THE UNDERTAKING -- solos! Enjoy the pics!

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