Monday, June 16, 2008

Iron Maiden at MSG - Awesome show!

Last night the band and I went to Madison Square Garden to see Iron Maiden perform (for the first time in 25 years, they say!) and it was one of the best and most energetic performances I've seen out of middle aged men. Ever.

They played songs from 1980 - 1989, although they cheated and played Fear of the Dark, from their 1992 album of the same name. All of the songs were great hits with the sold out crowd. I personally screamed by vocal chords weary and had a great time.

The pictures below are from the show. The camera died before the end of Powerslave, which was smack in the middle of the show. Basically if you were to loop these images another time, it would practically be the second half of the show anyway as there wasn't much else to see (except a great redux of the Eddie Sphinx and mummy from the Live After Death tour (circa 1984-85) and a monstrous cyborg Eddie (from the cover of Somewhere in Time - see below). Enjoy!

Steve Harris, the band's founder and kick-ass bass player, put his daughter on the stage as the opening act and while her group wasn't bad, it just wasn't something you'd see me listening to. I took a couple of pictures of that show (literally two, I think) just as test photos.

Iron Maiden at MSG 6/15/08


freebones said...

yes i would like to comment, when you said "best performance out of middle aged men" did you really mean acceptable or was it really compareable to live performances of current bands (with the exception of dragonforce)

The AnTiPoDe said...

These guys ran around and played as if they were 25 years old. I wish I had charged my camera battery so I could have taken more video!